In a commercial space natural gas is generally used for two functions, heating the facility and running manufacturing equipment. With commercial gas piping one main gas line is sufficient for both functions with piping branching off for specific functions.

Larger facilities generally have a significant amount of gas piping throughout which can create pressure issues. To deal with this the size of the gas piping is generally increased along with the pressure. The pressure is generally increased from ½ a pound to 2 pounds. Regulator valves will be installed for smaller gas piping lines running from the main line to the piece of equipment being supplied. The regulator valve reduces the pressure back down to ½ a pound.

Commercial buildings and residential high rise buildings with parking garages are required to have heated driveway ramps. Heated driveway ramps use hot water lines in the ramp to melt snow or ice. A boiler system and gas lines need to be in place to run the system.

Any work being done on gas piping or gas equipment needs to be done by a TSSA licensed Gasfitter.

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